Egg Freezing 3-Cycle Package; Costs Included And Excluded

Three Egg-Freezing Cycle Package

Read our single Egg-Freezing cycle cost breakdown to see our philosophy on keeping things simple, and why it is difficult to give a 100% accurate cost forecast. It is even more difficult to give a definitive three Egg-Freezing cycle price because even more can vary. Fortunately, because at Concept Fertility we minimise the number of add-ons, it is possible for us to give a reasonably accurate (and hopefully understandable) cost guide.

Three-cycle egg freezing packages are suitable for people who recognise that there is no guarantee that any particular egg will be capable of producing a child, and that the chances of success increase in proportion to the number of eggs stored and the quality of that person’s eggs.

Our three Egg-Freezing cycle package fee includes:

  •  •                    Nurse planning and consents talk, each cycle.
  •  •                    1 counselling session (optional, unless advised by your doctor).
  •  •                    Medical and clinical guidance and support throughout.
  •  •                    All monitoring ultrasound scans within the cycles between day 1 (of bleed) and egg collection.
  •  •                    All monitoring blood tests within the cycles.
  •  •                    Egg collection procedures.
  •  •                    Embryology lab procedures including egg vitrification of all viable eggs.
  •  •                    Follow-up consultation

Our three Egg-Freezing cycle package fee excludes:

  •  Prior to the cycle:

  •  •                    Diagnosis and viral screening
  •  •                    Any additional procedures (e.g. if you have an ovarian cyst)
  •  During the cycle:

  •  •                    Medications
  •  •                    Sedation Fee
  •  After the cycle:

  •  •                    Annual cryogenic egg storage fees.
  •  •                    Future egg thaw, fertilisation and transfer of resulting embryos.
  •  •                    Any further investigations or treatments during or between cycles.

What is the definition of a “cycle”?

It is important to know this when looking at costs because anything outwith a cycle is usually charged as an additional item. A cycle starts on “day 1” which is when menstruation starts, and lasts until the day of planned egg freeze.

Estimate of the total cost of a three Egg-Freezing cycle package.

 3-cycle oocyte vitrification package fee…………………………………£8,400
 Sedation fee, per cycle £230
 Medications, per cycle £450 to £1,300
 Storage for first 2 years£650
 Total for 3 cycles   £11,090 to £13,640