Nina’s story – Nutrition

I’ve been having consultation sessions with nutritionist Ann Slevin for 3 months and I can confidently say it has completely changed my life! Ann managed to open a whole new world for me, found words to deliver the information effectively to change my attitude from “this is what I have to do” to “this is what I WANT to do” to be healthy. She has an impressive empathy skill, listens kindly and really tries to put herself into her clients’ shoes. I felt understood and she gently guided me to the conclusion rather than just delivering information on how to be healthier.

Examples of my improvements:

  • I broke the taboo on eating and cooking vegetables which I’ve never tried before. All my life I was pretty conservative on my vegetables selection and now I’m open, no, I’m eager to try more and more, the number of different kinds of vegetables I consume increased from standard 5-7 to 30+ and more to come.
  • Being chronically addicted to fizzy drinks and diet coke specifically I stopped drinking it at all and I don’t want it anymore!! Now I drink 2+ litres of water and I see an immediate effect on my skin, digestive function, energy level and more.
  • I learned and daily exercise the “sacred” knowledge of planning. Looking back now I see how with absence of planning and attention to my diet, it was literally impossible to make healthy choices even if I wanted.
  • I mastered some of the stress release techniques. One thing is to realise that you are stressed and a completely different thing is to handle it quickly and effectively when you are in the moment. When Ann offered to try some mechanisms I was pretty reluctant at the beginning to be honest, but with her guidance and explanations I found one which actually helped me when I was in a critical situation. This is a skill I will carry through my life.

I can continue with examples of significant changes in my lifestyle, but I guess the point is clear – these consultations were a game changer for me and I would definitely recommend it for everyone. I started them as an experiment and an attempt to resolve some fertility concerns I had, but all in all it was something much more and better than I expected.

Have a consultation with Ann and you will be surprised with the opportunities and areas for improvements; I have no doubts you will like the results.