About Us


The Concept Fertility Clinic is a fully comprehensive one-stop fertility service. We offer a unique and bespoke service to patients who are seeking fertility treatment.

We understand how important this journey is and we want to be there for you every step of the way. That is why at the Concept Fertility Clinic we have an expert team standing by to give you all the support you need, and to help you choose the most appropriate treatment.

If this is your first step, we suggest you look at our “Your First appointment Options” page. Otherwise, simply arrange a consultation and bring along any information you already have. We are committed to giving you the best possible chance of success, our fertility services are led by highly experienced fertility doctors.

Concept offers all the usual fertility services under the one roof from its modern premises in Putney completely rebuilt and refurbished in 2014/2015. From August 2018 we also offer a consulting and diagnosis service in Harley Street W1G in the centre of London for those patients who work in or near the City. All egg collections and laboratory work takes place in our laboratory and operating theatre in Putney.

Concept believes in openness and in treating people fairly. That is why our price guidelines on this website try to accurately show your total costs for a cycle of treatment without any compulsory hidden costs and surprises. It is why our published pregnancy rates show that we are around the national average, which is no surprise because the sector Regulator advises that virtually all clinics have results around the national average once you factor in peculiarities resulting from individual clinic patient or treatment selection. We also believe that most of the add-ons to treatment cycles are unnecessary or unproven so we rarely recommend you purchase them. Finally, we are a relatively small clinic and our specialist team of doctors, nurses, embryologists and administrators all take pride in seeing our patients throughout their fertility journey and treating our patients like we would hope to be treated ourselves.