Wellbeing Open Morning

The Reason for Independent Wellbeing Practitioners

Do you have an infertility problem but want an alternative to medical intervention? Or do you need medical intervention to address your infertility but want to include it in a more holistic general approach?

Infertility in Britain is very common, with one in six couples trying for a baby in need of medical assistance. We, at Concept Fertility, are expert in delivering the medical and scientific intervention needed to assist patients in treating their infertility problems but we also appreciate that some people prefer to take a more holistic approach and that is why we work with independent wellbeing practitioners who focus on acupuncture, yoga, nutrition and counselling.

We do not suggest that people live in denial and go to wellbeing practitioners instead of doctors. If you have been trying unsuccessfully for a long time, have a diagnosed condition or are running up against the biological clock, we strongly recommend that you have a medical consultation with us to learn from a specialist fertility doctor what your options are. However, if none of these conditions apply and you prefer a gentle, perhaps longer, perhaps scientifically unproven approach, this open morning gives you an opportunity to meet some of our wellbeing practitioners and hear what they have to say. Sometimes we refer patients to a particular practitioner if there is a specific situation our doctors think needs to be addressed but more often patients independently choose to have their holistic approach running alongside of their medical treatment. Wellbeing treatment can happen before, during or after medical treatment. At Concept we work with a very limited number of wellbeing practitioners, all of whom are known and have access to us and have specialised in, or have expertise relating to, fertility.

Our Fertility Wellbeing Open Morning

The morning itself runs from 10:00 to 12:00 on a Saturday morning and is attended by several of our wellbeing practitioners. We recommend you come early. You will have the opportunity to have a brief consultation with as many of them as you wish and judge whether their speciality is applicable to yourself. Please register with us first so that we know how many people are likely to attend. Space is limited so we may have to close registration at a certain point.

Our wellbeing open mornings are not designed for people who wish to learn about their clinical options. We have other free open mornings for that, also on a monthly basis on Saturday mornings, presented by our medical director. If you wish to attend one of these instead, details are on the website.

Want to know more? Register and come along to hear from the specialists. Our next Wellbeing Open Morning starts at 10:00 on Saturday, 4th June 2016.