Learn More about Infertility and Treatments: The Best Fertility Books

June 25 2014 8:19am

infertility reading

While clinicians and consultants will answer all of your questions about treatments, it can be a good idea to educate yourself further about treatments and fertility in general. It’s important to see to your emotional needs as well as physical ones, particularly as some treatments can be quite intensive. Reading about others’ experiences and success can help guide you through the process and communicate better with your partner throughout your fertility treatments.

Taking Charge of Your Fertility

This book deals with fertility as a whole rather than just conception or infertility issues. It has been amended numerous times over the last 10 years to provide the latest information available.

However, as with every resource some of the content needs to be approached critically. For example, the claim that the book can ‘increase the likelihood of choosing the gender of the baby’ is unlikely as gender is tied to male genes. Men carry two different types of allele which determine whether the child will be male or female.

However, the book has helped numerous people through their fertility journey and, while it is not a light read, it provides a huge amount of valuable information within a single resource.

Managing the Stress of Infertility

Fertility treatments and attempts at conception can be incredibly stressful and draining. In addition to general wellness and counselling, this book can help couples deal with infertility and guide women through stressful situations.

The author is a psychotherapist who has counselled hundreds of women in this situation, and the warm and compassionate tone is pitch-perfect.

The Infertility Workbook

The exercises and research in this book are based on studies from Harvard University, and help women by providing practical methods and techniques to improve chances of pregnancy. Reducing stress and maintaining balance can be incredibly important during conception and fertility treatments, and the work book approach helps to guide readers through the exercises step by step.

The author has understood that infertility can affect the whole person, rather than small segment of their life, and approaches the issue in a way that reflects that understanding.


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