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We need to test both the female and male partners in order to diagnose the causes of infertility as an infertility issue is almost as likely to be due to the male partner as to the female, see our page on the causes of infertility.

Testing on the female partner usually involves an ultrasound scan and the main male test is a semen analysis. Both partners may also need blood tests.

We prefer patients not to organise their own tests before they come to see us as people can spend huge sums of money on tests which are barely, if at all, relevant. However, if you do have any test reports, you should still bring them in to your consultation. The same is true if you have had treatment cycles elsewhere – bring us a summary as your reaction to that treatment might help us change or fine-tune your future treatment.

Many people do not realise that, across the developed world, the vast majority of attempts to produce a baby fail. Perhaps over 90% of embryos are not viable and the body rejects them. Thankfully this usually happens in the very early days of a pregnancy before the mother even knows that a pregnancy took place or has been ended. And these are natural pregnancies we are talking about – nothing at all to do with fertility treatment. (See our page on how long you should try naturally before seeking help.) To confuse matters more, the body has some natural correction processes to help embryos. Therefore it is important not to get too fixated on over-testing too soon. It is better to leave it to your fertility doctor to guide you.


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