IVF Single Cycle

Identifying IVF cycle fees

When comparing clinics, patients should know what each charges for of an IVF cycle but it is complicated to forecast the cost because a cycle can progress in a variety of different ways. More significantly, different clinics have different philosophies on what they choose to include in their IVF cycle costs and what additional items they say patients can, or must, add. The total cost can end up being hugely different from the cycle price initially advertised.

Here at Concept, our philosophy is to keep things simple; we rarely advise patients to take any add-ons because we think they are often not necessary, not proven, or are unlikely to improve the final result. We appreciate that patients, after a failed cycle elsewhere, often want to know what else they can do to improve their chances but often the best advice is to understand the statistics and try another simple cycle, rather than pay for a selection of expensive, irrelevant, extras. This allows us to give a reasonably accurate forecast of the total cost of an IVF cycle at Concept.

Our IVF cycle fee includes:

  • Nurse planning talk
  • Electronic Consents
  • Counselling session (optional, unless advised by your doctor)
  • Medical and clinical guidance and support throughout
  • All monitoring ultrasound scans throughout the cycle
  • All monitoring blood tests throughout the cycle.
  • Egg collection procedure.
  • HFEA fees
  • Sedation fees
  • Embryology lab procedures and fresh embryo transfer
  • Embryoscope time-lapse embryology (where possible).
  • Blastocyst culture (where possible).
  • QHCG blood test 2 weeks after embryo transfer
  • Follow-up consultation or 6-week pregnancy scan

Our IVF cycle fee excludes:

Prior to the cycle:

  • Diagnosis and viral screening
  • Anaesthetists Review, required for higher BMI patients
  • Additional procedures

During the cycle:

  • Medications
  • ICSI, if required

After the cycle:

  • Embryo Freezing (for any embryos not transferred)
  • Storage Fees (for any embryos not transferred)
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycles
  • Any further investigations or treatments during or between cycles

What is the definition of a “cycle”?

It is important to know this when looking at costs because anything outside a cycle is usually charged as an additional item. A cycle starts on “day 1” which is when menstruation starts, and lasts until the day of embryo/blastocyst transfer (or the day eggs or embryos are frozen, or the cycle abandoned). Freezing and storing sperm, eggs or embryos always bears an additional cost.


Estimate of the total cost of an IVF cycle


 IVF cycle fee £4,900
 IVF cycle fee with ICSI  £5,950

Note that medications are charged additionally to the above fees (usually between £500 and £1,450)


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