a couple holding hands
May 29 2024 11:39am

The Emotional Journey of IVF: Coping Strategies and Support

The journey of IVF is a testament to the incredible resilience and strength of individuals and couples as they embark on the path to parenthood. While it’s a journey filled...

Ovaries and uterus
May 14 2024 11:18am

What Are the Effects of Ovarian Cysts on Fertility?

Ovarian cysts are a common occurrence in women of reproductive age. These fluid-filled sacs can develop on the ovaries and often go unnoticed, often causing no symptoms. However, in some...

man and a doctor
April 29 2024 4:10pm

What Causes Low Sperm Count and How is it Treated?

In the realm of reproductive health, the quantity and quality of sperm plays a crucial role in conceiving a baby. However, a common issue that affects many couples worldwide is...

feet on weight scales
April 15 2024 10:43am

What is the Link Between Weight and Infertility?

Infertility can be a challenging journey for many couples aspiring to start a family. In recent years, research has shed light on the various factors influencing fertility, and one that...

Man at a doctors appointment
April 1 2024 10:32am

Fertility Preservation for Men with Testicular Cancer

Receiving a diagnosis of testicular cancer is a life-altering moment that brings with it a whirlwind of emotions and concerns. Amidst the numerous challenges, fertility preservation emerges as a critical...

woman holding out a model uterus
March 21 2024 2:50pm

Managing Endometriosis Pain: Tips, Treatments, and Coping Strategies

Endometriosis is a chronic condition affecting millions of women worldwide, characterised by the abnormal growth of endometrial tissue outside the uterus. Sadly, endometriosis can affect fertility by causing inflammation, scarring,...

March 20 2024 1:13pm

Navigating Fertility: Understanding How Ageing Impacts Women’s Fertility

As a fertility clinic dedicated to providing personalized solutions for women seeking to conceive, we understand the intricate relationship between ageing and fertility. Ageing can significantly influence a woman’s reproductive...

pregnant woman holding a scan photo in front of her belly
March 14 2024 2:43pm

Navigating the Costs of IVF Treatment: Tips and Financial Options

Embarking on the journey of in vitro fertilisation, also known as IVF, can be both emotionally and financially challenging. While the prospect of starting or expanding your family is exciting,...

Endometriosis Awareness Month
March 7 2024 2:42pm

Endometriosis Awareness Month: Exploring the Condition & How to Gain Support

March is not just a month of blooming flowers and warmer weather; it’s also Endometriosis Awareness Month, a time dedicated to shedding light on a condition that affects millions of...

February 28 2024 1:44pm

The Hidden Costs of IVF Abroad: Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

  In recent years, the idea of traveling abroad for medical procedures, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), has gained popularity. The promise of lower costs and high-quality care can be...

Woman at a fertility consultation
January 1 2024 12:39pm

Demystifying Egg Retrieval: Understanding the Procedure and Pain Management

Embarking on the journey of fertility treatments, particularly egg freezing or in vitro fertilisation (IVF), often involves the egg retrieval procedure. While the idea of medical procedures may evoke concerns,...

Woman holding her abdomen
December 18 2023 12:38pm

Should I Freeze My Eggs If I Have Endometriosis?

Deciding whether to freeze your eggs is a complex and personal decision, and having endometriosis adds an additional layer of consideration. Endometriosis is a condition where tissue similar to the...


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