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At Concept fertility we have state of the art 3D and 4D ultrasound facilities to assess issues related to fertility, gynaecology and pregnancy.  Good ultrasound forms the basis for a successful fertility diagnosis and also assists monitoring during treatment.

The ovaries are easily visualised using a simple non-invasive ultrasound procedure, yielding vital information on the number and size of actively growing follicles, which is one of the important indicators of fertility and is routinely performed as part of an initial fertility diagnosis.  Too few follicles may be a sign of low ovarian reserve, while too many may indicate polycystic ovaries and a potential failure to ovulate.

Three dimensional scanning of the uterus can help to avert problems related with implantation failure or miscarriage, while a technique known as saline infusion sonography can visualise fibroids or endometrial polyps, a common cause of inter-menstrual bleeding.

In some cases an assessment of the fallopian tubes can be made by passing a water soluble dye through them and visualising its passage using ultrasound.

We also provide a variety of early pregnancy scans for expectant mothers.  Please see below for a summary of our specialist ultrasound scans.

HyCoSy – see pricelist

Days 5 – 12 of the menstrual cycle

HyCoSy is a short procedure to detect whether the fallopian tubes are blocked.  A thin catheter is passed through the cervix into the uterus and ultrasound contrast medium is passed through the fallopian tubes.  The progress of the fluid can be monitored by ultrasound and any blockages detected. click here for more detail on HyCoSys

Antral Follicle Count (AFC) – see pricelist

Antral follicle count refers to the number of small fluid filled follicles visible in the ovary during the first part of the menstrual cycle and is one of the best measurements we have for ovarian reserve.  Ovarian reserve is related to the number and likely quality of eggs remaining.  It is an important indicator of likely fertility and in combination with other factors helps to determine the optimum treatment. click here for more detail on AFCs

Aquascan – see pricelist

This provides a picture of the inside of the uterus including the surface of the endometrium and can detect minor abnormalities along with the presence of polyps or adhesions which might otherwise affect implantation and pregnancy if not treated.  A saline solution is introduced into the uterus via a fine catheter and visualised by ultrasound. click here for more detail on Aquascans

General Scans

Of course, we also offer all the usual more common gynaecology and fertility scans.


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