Antral Follicle Count

Fertility Testing

An Ultrasound scan is a painless process that uses ultrasound waves to create diagnostic images of the organs and structures inside the body. An antral follicle count utilises ultrasound and can be highly effective when diagnosing ovarian reserve and is just one of the many advanced investigations that we offer to help with the conception process.

What are Antral Follicles?

Antral Follicles (also known as resting follicles) are normally between 2 and 8 millimetres in size when viewed during an ultrasound examination. Appearing at the start of the menstrual cycle their number can provide a good indication with regards to the amount of primordial follicles contained within the ovary.

Reproductive Ageing and the Antral Follicle Count

Reproductive ageing is closely associated with the quantity and quality of the pool of follicles in the ovaries. An Antral Follicle Count with Ovarian Volume by Ultrasound (internal scan), and an AMH (anti-Mullerian Hormone) blood test have both been shown to predict cases where there is declining fertility related to reproductive ageing. A combination of these investigations will help guide women who are planning infertility treatment or who are keen to know about their fertility potential.


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