Why Choose Concept?

Choosing the right clinic for your treatment is one of the most important decisions you will have to make on your fertility journey.

Here are some reasons to choose Concept Fertility:

  • OUR EXPERIENCE – Together our team have decades of experience in the world of fertility and care.  We take pride in recruiting some of the top fertility experts.  Our doctors, nurses and scientists are always at the forefront of science, training and development and we are always looking to improve our patient’s chances of success.
  • EXCEPTIONAL PATIENT CARE – Your health and wellbeing are our priority and we are here to expertly support and guide you on your fertility journey, which can be a very stressful and vulnerable time.
  • FREE time-lapse Embryoscope monitoring as part of your IVF or ICSI treatment cycle. The Embryoscope is an incubator that provides digital images of the embryos for the whole time they are in the laboratory. This highly detailed data helps our embryologists to identify the embryos with the highest potential for pregnancy whilst remaining undisturbed in optimum conditions in the incubator.  Many clinics charge extra for the use of this service.
  • We offer BLASTOCYST CULTURE (growing your embryo in the lab for two extra days) free of charge when required in our IVF and ICSI cycles.
  • Our clinic is equipped to provide a range of treatment services for all common aspects of infertility diagnosis and treatment.
  • Our clinic is small to medium sized and we feel this enables us to provide a more friendly, personal and private service for all of our patients.
  • Treatment for heterosexual and female same-sex couples and single ladies.
  • BMI LIMIT OF 39.9.  We believe that it is unfair to make patients miss their fertility window if they are struggling to lose weight.
  • We will treat people up to their 50th birthday.
  • We offer treatment to anyone who we believe has a chance, within our criteria, which is not as limiting as other clinics.  This does reflect on our overall published success rates but does not diminish the actual success rate of any individual.
  • No unknown hidden costs.

If you have any questions about our clinic or services just call 020 33 88 3000 and we will be happy to help you.


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