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What to expect

With Concept Fertility your first step will be a consultation held either remotely by video from your own home or at the clinic. When you arrange this, we will send you registration paperwork and you can send us any existing fertility investigations or histories you have. Then, during the consultation, you and the doctor can discuss what further investigations you need without wasting time and money on unnecessary ones. You will later come to the clinic to have these investigations and then we will arrange a further follow-up consultation with you, without additional charge, to review the results and update any planning from your initial consultation. The usual diagnostic tests are an ultrasound scan and blood tests for a female patient and a semen analysis for a male.

Initial Consultation

Price £180

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This is the first step for everyone. If you are in a relationship, both partners should attend and if you have sent us any existing fertility investigations the doctor will review them as part of the process. The consultation should help you understand your options, whether it is for treatment or information only, choose your diagnostic investigations and agree a plan of action.

Medical history review

Full medical consultation and plan

FREE follow-up consultation after initial investigations and tests

Antral Follicle Count (AFC) Ultrasound Scan

Price £170

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Women who are concerned about their reproductive age, specifically the number and quality of the eggs they have remaining should have this ultrasound scan where their antral follicle count (AFC) will be determined. An AFC provides one of the best estimates of ovarian reserve. In addition, the scan checks the basic physiological function of the uterus and ovaries, uterine malformation and abnormalities such as uterine fibroids, polyps and ovarian cysts.

Medical history review

Ultrasound scan of uterine and pelvic physiology / pathology

Antral Follicle Count (AFC)


Aquascan (ultrasound)

Price £275

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This is an internal ultrasound scan in which a saline solution is introduced into the uterine cavity (womb) to show the outline of the uterine cavity. It is performed when there are reasons to require a more detailed assessment of the lining of the uterus than is possible with a normal gynaecological ultrasound scan, for example to evaluate scarring after surgery. A diagnostic aquascan at Concept includes an Antral Follicle Count.


Fallopian Tube Patency Test (HyCoSy) (ultrasound)

Price £425

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A HyCoSy is designed for women who have concerns arising from previous pelvic infection as these are likely to affect fallopian tube function and patency, or for women who simply wish to know if their tubes are patent. The fallopian tubes help in the transport of sperm, eggs and embryos besides aiding the process of fertilisation and early development of the embryo. A dye is passed through the fallopian tube under ultrasound guidance and each of the fallopian tubes is assessed for adhesions and blockages etc. The technique is called Hysterosalpingo-Contrast Sonography (HyCoSy). A diagnostic HyCoSy at Concept includes an Antral Follicle Count.

Medical history review

Ultrasound scan of uterine and pelvic physiology / pathology

Antral Follicle Count

Fallopian tube patency test (HyCoSy)


Semen Analysis

Price £135

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This is the main diagnostic test for men. A sample is produced in a room next to our laboratory. It is then taken into the laboratory where various measures, such as sperm count and motility, are taken and the potency of the semen sample evaluated.


Blood Tests

Price £varies

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The most common diagnostic blood tests is for AMH (anti-mullerian hormone), but sometimes others are required.



One Stop Shop

You can arrange to come in on one day for a combination of the above offerings.  You can do your initial consultation with a scan on the same day, for instance, and get immediate feedback from the doctor.  Call us for more information.


Review and Plan

After your Initial Consultation you will have another, shorter, consultation with the doctor to review the results of your investigations. Often these just confirm the expectations from your first consultation but sometimes a change of plan is needed. It is also a great chance to ask those questions you meant to ask before. Then, if you wish to proceed, our nurses take over and your next step is to plan, and then start, your treatment.


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