IVF 3-Cycle – Fresh Transfer

IVF 3-cycle – Fresh Transfer package

Read our single IVF cycle cost breakdown to see our philosophy on keeping things simple, and why it is difficult to give a 100% accurate cost forecast. It is even more difficult to give a definitive three IVF cycle price because even more can vary. Fortunately, because at Concept Fertility we minimise the number of add-ons, it is possible for us to give a reasonably accurate (and hopefully understandable) cost guide.

Three-cycle packages are suitable for people who recognise that it often takes more than one round of IVF to achieve a successful pregnancy and wish to prepare for up to three.

Our IVF 3-cycle – Fresh Transfer fee includes:

  • Nurse planning and consents talk. One per cycle
  • 1 Counselling session (optional, unless advised by your doctor)
  • Medical and clinical guidance and support throughout
  • All monitoring ultrasound scans between day 1 (of bleed) and egg collection, for each cycle
  • Egg collection procedure, each cycle
  • Embryology lab procedures and one fresh embryo transfer per cycle
  • Embryoscope Time-Lapse embryology – subject to availability
  • Blastocyst culture of embryos, all embryos where appropriate
  • bHCG blood test 2 weeks after each embryo transfer
  • Follow-up consultation or 6-week pregnancy scan after each cycle

Our IVF 3-cycle – Fresh Transfer fee excludes:

Prior to the cycle:

  • Diagnosis and viral screening
  • Anaesthetists review, required for higher BMI patients
  • Additional procedures

During the cycle:

  • Medications
  • Sedation Fee, per egg collection.
  • All routine monitoring blood tests throughout the cycles
  • HFEA fee, per cycle
  • ICSI, if required, per cycle

After the cycle:

  • Embryo Freezing (for any embryos not transferred)
  • Storage Fees (for any embryos not transferred)
  • Subsequent Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycles
  • Any further investigations or treatments during or between cycles

What is the definition of a “cycle”?

It is important to know this when looking at costs because anything outside a cycle is usually charged as an additional item. A cycle starts on “day 1” which is when menstruation starts, and lasts until the day of embryo/blastocyst transfer (or the day eggs or embryos are frozen, or the cycle abandoned). Freezing and storing sperm, eggs or embryos always bears an additional cost.


Estimate of the total cost of the three cycle – fresh transfer package:

At the start of the first cycle:

 3-cycle package fee £8,900
 Sedation fee, per cycle £230
 HFEA fee, per cycle £85
 ICSI fee, if necessary, per cycle £950
 Blood tests: total per cycle usually ranges between £100 to £400
 Medications, per cycle, usually ranges between £500 to £1,350

At the start of the second cycle, if no pregnancy:………………………

 Sedation fee £230
 HFEA fee £85
 ICSI fee, if necessary £950
 Blood tests: total per cycle usually ranges between £100 to £400
 Medications for the 2nd cycle £500 to £1,350


If the third cycle in the package is required, costs will be similar to those for the second cycle.

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