IUI Single Cycle

Identifying IUI Cycle Fees

As with IVF, patients should know the cost of an IUI cycle if they wish to compare clinics. But different clinics have different philosophies on what they choose to include in their IUI cycle costs and what additional items they advise or require their patients to add.

Here at Concept, our philosophy is to keep things simple; we rarely advise patients to take any add-ons because we think they are usually not necessary, not proven, or are unlikely to improve the final result. We appreciate that patients, after a failed cycle elsewhere, often want to know what else they can do to improve their chances but often the best advice is to understand the statistics and try another simple cycle, rather than pay for a selection of expensive, irrelevant, extras. This allows us to give a reasonably accurate forecast of the total cost of an IUI cycle at Concept.

The IUI cycle fee includes:

  • Nurse planning and consents talk
  • Medical and clinical guidance and support throughout
  • All monitoring ultrasound scans within the cycle
  • Embryology lab procedures (including sperm thaw where appropriate)
  • Insemination process
  • bHCG blood test 2 weeks after insemination
  • Follow-up consultation or 6-week pregnancy scan

The IUI cycle excludes:

Prior to the cycle:

  • Initial consultation and diagnostic tests
  • Viral screening
  • Additional procedures (e.g. endometrial scratch)
  • Counselling, mandatory if using donor sperm
  • Donor sperm, if required
  • Donor sperm admin/storage

During the cycle:

  • Medications
  • Sedation fee, if required
  • HFEA fee, if using donor sperm
  • Any monitoring blood tests

After the cycle:

  • Any further investigations or treatments during or between cycles
  • Any support required to maintain the pregnancy

What is the definition of a “cycle”?

It is important to know this when looking at costs because anything outside a cycle is usually charged as an additional item. A cycle starts on “day 1” which is when menstruation starts, and lasts until the day of insemination.


Estimate of the total cost of a cycle

 IUI cycle fee using husband/partner sperm £995
 IUI cycle fee if using donor sperm (counselling included) £1095
 Sedation fee (if you choose to have this) £230
 HFEA fee (only applicable if using donor sperm)…………………………………………. £37.50
 Donor sperm administration and 1-year storage £525
 Medications usually cost between £20 and £300
 Blood Tests, usually between £0 and £100
 Total projected cost of a cycle at Concept:   Usually £1015/£1,115



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