Environmental Fertility Problems

Environmental Fertility Problems Affecting Men

Sperms take two to three months to form, the last month of which is maturation in the epididymis, and are exposed to environmental damage the whole time. Environmental factors are often ones that we can control ourselves and it is better to eliminate their negative factors where possible rather than have to visit a fertility centre. It is fairly simple to get an assessment of sperm quality simply by making an appointment with us and producing a sample for the lab, we make our assessment within a few hours.

Temperature, Food and Weight Factors Affecting Fertility

The simplest factor to control is heat. There are several advantages to the testes being outside the body and one is that sperms should be kept two degrees cooler than the rest of the body. That is why we talk about loose-fitting underwear, if the testes are held against the body their temperature will rise to body temperature. The same reason applies to hot baths and saunas. The body can cope with minor or occasional temperature rises but severe or prolonged heat will reduce the potency of sperm.

The next simplest factor that we can influence is what we consume. Tobacco and alcohol have clear negative effects on fertility. Try to eliminate, or at least cut down, these during the three months of spermatogenesis. The same is true of other aggressive chemicals.

Being over or under weight, or not eating a balanced diet stresses our bodies and can reduce fertility. Trying to get these factors right might not be easy but it may save having to have fertility treatment. If you need any help, visit our wellbeing page. We have independent experts who can give you advice on nutrition, or hypnotherapy/psychotherapy to help you make the necessary lifestyle changes. They can also help you deal with stress.

Exposure to radiation or hazardous chemicals reduces fertility and can even cause sterility in severe cases. If your work, for example, need to expose you to these factors, check out what protection is available.

Lastly, don’t forget the obvious things – such as long bicycle rides might cut off the blood flow, or according to research by Concept doctors, keeping your mobile ‘phone in your trouser pocket exposes your testes to radiation and damages your sperm.


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