Fertility? There’s an App for That

October 2 2014 8:49am

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The right apps can help track progress, understand your treatments, and keep track of your cycles, even setting reminders and providing tips to give you the best chance of conceiving. Here are some of the most convenient, useful, and beautiful apps for fertility and pregnancy.

Kindara Fertility Tracker

Kindara has a beautiful interface and it’s extremely easy to use. The app includes an ovulation calculator, basal body temperature chart, and a period calendar. It’s helped over 500,000 women take charge of their fertility and has been called the ‘Future of Reproductive Health’ by Bloomberg TV.

Pink Pad

This was one of the most popular apps with Netmums members. In addition to period tracking, it can help you keep an eye on your weight and emotional/physical wellbeing. It will even provide reminders on your most fertile days to improve your chances of conception.


This sleek app uses sympto-thermal methods to track and predict your periods, ovulation, and most fertile days. It uses 14 fertility awareness methods including sympto-thermal, mucus, temperature, and calendar indicators, and provides educational tips and information about your body so you can learn to understand how you feel and what it means for your fertility.


Glow lets you track your cycle, adding in dates of sexual intercourse and information about your basal body temperature. The tracker helps you provide valuable information for your doctors if you are undergoing fertility treatment or diagnosis.


This app was developed by a couple who have gone through IVF and understand the challenges the process poses. It helps you organise and schedule your cycle and store information about current and past cycles. It lets you input your medication, timing, and dosage as well as putting events, procedures, and medication into a calendar. It even lets you email it directly to your doctor for review.


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