Further Conclusions about Aspirin and Fertility

March 3 2016 1:00pm

Aspirin and Fertility

We’ve recently written an article about aspirin and fertility based on recent studies, research and recommendations from the NHS. Richard Kennedy, the President-Elect of the International Federation of Fertility Societies has taken a stand on the continuing debate of whether aspirin helps to improve fertility.

Aspirin’s Introduction to Reproductive Medicine

Aspirin has been prescribed for years as an anti-clotting agent, which is the primary reason for its use in a variety of medical conditions.  In 1979 it began to be used to prevent the occurrence of pre-eclampsia.  The potential for haemorrhaging have prevented its mainstream use in obstetric medicine until recently.  This side effect has since been  addressed by administering a low-dose (75 mg) of aspirin (known as LDA).  LDA is given to reduce the risk of premature labour and foetal growth restriction that can be caused by patients with a history of raised blood pressure.

Recent Studies Reviewed

The recent debate being discussed specifically centres around whether aspirin improves the chances of conception by preventing miscarriage. The International Federation of Fertility Societies maintains that clinical trials have not adequately proven this postulate.

This is due to failure of recent studies to support a connection between the likelihood of pregnancy and the use of LDA. These studies include A Human Reproduction Update (Gelbaya, 2007), conclusions from trials of 2653 women outlined in the Cochrane Library of Systematic Reviews (Siristatidis, 2011), the Effects of Aspirin in Gestation and Reproduction study involving 1128 women (de Jong, 2014), and a trial involving 1078 women (Schisterman, 2014).

Conclusions Regarding Whether Aspirin Benefits Fertility

Richard Kennedy, the President of the International Federation of Fertility Societies has concluded that the use of aspirin is not beneficial for either natural or assisted conception. Our conclusion then and now remains consistent with our recent advice; we suggest that patients avoid self-medicating, whether it is aspirin or anything else, without instructions from their doctor.


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