How Counselling can Help Your Fertility Journey

June 7 2021 11:55am

Fertility Counselling

For a number of couples or women, fertility can be stressful or even complicated. It can feel like there are a lot of moving parts that couples will have to consider. There’s no denying that it can be a trying time within relationships that will rely on supporting each other through some of the biggest tests between the two of you.

At Concept Fertility, we offer Fertility Counselling for each person going through an IVF cycle with us. In this guide, we discuss the importance of counselling and how it can help you on your journey.

A confidential discussion

Counselling is designed to help break down issues of any shape and size. With a specific focus on fertility and understanding your specific needs, couples can benefit from a confidential discussion with someone who understands.

Fertility treatment can oftentimes feel like a draining process if there is a larger backstory that you feel needs discussing with a trained professional. Using donated eggs or sperm, for example, within fertility treatment will require a number of legal processes and information to ensure you are fully informed.

These discussions are confidential, safe and a place for you or as a couple to voice any concerns. Bringing a child into the world can be an incredibly emotional experience, so we welcome all that wish to discuss their thoughts with our trained counsellors.

Good mental health can benefit your reproductive health

Speaking to a trained counsellor will benefit your mental health on a general level. Having the chance to talk to someone that can break down your thoughts and feelings is hugely beneficial for couples aiming to conceive.

Prioritising your mental health during fertility treatment with the help of counselling will allow you to be more focused throughout your journey.

A better relationship with your partner

If you are aiming to conceive as a couple, then there will be a lot of thoughts that could be racing through each other’s heads. It’s only natural to experience anxiety, confusion and low moods; speaking between each other about your thoughts will keep your relationship strong.

Speaking on a regular basis with your partner will ensure everyone’s thoughts are heard. Ensure that you are receptive and understanding of each other’s thoughts as you navigate your fertility treatment.

You begin to understand difficult parts of fertility treatment

Counselling will allow you to learn about each element of fertility treatment and its ins and outs. Your emotions are high on the agenda when you’re trying to conceive; if complications arise it can be an exhausting time for you.

Allowing yourself to access counselling will ensure you are within the right frame of mind, and to fully comprehend what could arise. It’s important that, whether you’re entering the journey as a couple or as a single person, that you’re fully informed of any risks and emotions. Counsellors are there to reassure you through these times and to ensure you are provided with adequate support throughout the fertility process.

If you’re looking for more information on fertility counselling, please don’t hesitate to speak to us about our range of services.


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