Top Tips on Choosing the Right Fertility Clinic

May 1 2023 11:52am

fertility clinic

Fertility treatment is a big investment – mentally, physically and in terms of its cost. As well as making sure that treatment will be effective, you need to consider how well the fertility clinic you choose caters to your needs. Couples often go through several rounds of treatment, like IVF,  before they are able to conceive so you will be working very closely with the clinic that you opt for. Here are some factors that you should look into when choosing a fertility clinic.

Take Time to Research

After trying for some time, it’s understandable that you will want to get things moving as soon as possible. It’s a big decision and one worth spending a little extra time on. Take time to understand your diagnosis and the viable options so that you can then find a fertility clinic who specialises in the treatment that you need.

Reports and Reviews

When researching, we recommend looking at success rates, patient reviews and inspector ratings. The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority carries out an objective assessment of clinics. As a regulator, it is their job to ensure that standards are upheld and they monitor clinics in several respects – how sperm and embryos are stored, safety of facilities and whether staff are suitably qualified.

Wait Times

If you’re in need of an egg or sperm donor, you may need to wait for some to become available. Check to see if there are any details on the time you will be expected to wait.

Multiple Births

Where there is more than one baby involved in a pregnancy (i.e., twins, triplets and more), there is a risk for both the mother and babies. This increases the likelihood of complications – twins are believed to be 6 times more likely to be born prematurely and experience problems such as breathing difficulties. The risk of a multiple birth can be reduced by having only one embryo transferred at a time. We recommend looking into the multiple birth rate of a clinic when deciding to proceed.

Other Factors to Consider

Female Doctor

Treatment can be invasive and due to its nature, you may feel more comfortable with a female doctor if you’re a woman.

Emotional Support

While there are good success rates, nothing is guaranteed with treatments like IVF. You and your partner may need several rounds before you are able to fall pregnant. Failed attempts can take a toll on a person’s mental health and relationship which is why there is often counselling provision made.

Opening Hours and Location

You may need to attend multiple appointments (and occasionally at short notice) so location and opening times are also important to consider.

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