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Firstly, we know exactly how stressful the two week wait can be.
Patients can find themselves obsessing over symptoms, researching with Dr Google and feeling a little numb with the situation.
At Concept Fertility we are here to help you feel as knowledgeable, relaxed and as calm as possible through this difficult waiting time.
Whatever type of treatment you have had, if you are pregnant, we are talking below about how to manage the waiting game and what could be happening to your body.

• The two-week wait is the time period between ovulation and the point at which an at-home pregnancy test, or in clinic blood test, can detect pregnancy with the highest accuracy.
• Early pregnancy tests can allow you to start testing as early as six days before your missed period, but results will become more accurate the closer you are to the first day of your missed period. So, we recommend waiting until your period is due as the result will be more accurate.
• During the two-week wait, if you did conceive, there might be early signs of pregnancy. But because these symptoms overlap with the ones associated with the start of another period, your best bet for understanding whether or not you’re pregnant is a pregnancy test.
• Remember to be kind with yourself during these two weeks. Check in with how you’re feeling, speak to friends and family, give yourself time to rest and relax.

Common early signs of pregnancy might include:
• Increased urination
• Fatigue – due to higher levels of progesterone
• Tender or swollen breasts
• Cramps
• Light bleeding – known as implementation bleeding
• Nausea – with or without vomiting

Please remember that experiencing these symptoms does not indicate a pregnancy. The only way to be sure is a positive pregnancy test and confirmation from your doctor.
These two weeks can be a very emotional and stressful time. Please show yourself some compassion and take the time to sit with your feelings and emotions.
The have some great ideas about being kind to yourself during the two week wait.


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