Due to the arrival of Covid 19 in the world we are unable to hold open events in the previous way of inviting you to meet the Doctor in person for a mini consultation and to see the building and clinic environment.

Instead we are able to offer you a free phone call with an experienced team member to talk in detail about what services we offer and how they would apply to your particular situation. The team member will not be a clinical member of staff but can guide you on the next steps towards investigation and possible treatment.

Please email to arrange a time or – click on this link – to request a call back.


Summer Offer

A FREE Full Consultation (normally £180) with a Fertility Doctor when you book a diagnostic scan.

The consultation will take place immediately after your scan. It will explain your scan results, review your medical history, discuss your fertility plans, and agree a personalised plan of action if you want one.

Details of our scans can be found by following this link

Call our Patient Services Team on 020 33 88 3000

or email us at