Heather’s story – Weight loss

Heather is a current patient who is now 23 weeks pregnant after having fertility treatment with our amazing team at Concept. She has worked so very hard to prepare her body for her pregnancy and lost a staggering 30kgs by working with a programme designed specifically for her by our in house Nutritionist Ann.

“I have been overweight for most of my adult life and along the way worked with numerous dietitians and nutritionists without success despite being committed to weight loss, or so I thought. In all honesty I had given up any hope, and accepted myself for who I am in terms of my size and weight. I was so disheartened when Dr Ojha referred me to Ann, as I simply didn’t believe my weight was something that I could change since I had tried so many times before. Nonetheless, I agreed to the referral to Ann, and I am so glad that I did. Ann did a comprehensive assessment which included thinking about foods/flavours/textures that I do and don’t like, as well as aspects of my health outside of fertility treatment and put together a plan which included recommendations for food but also a supplement regime. Ann was so down to earth, and actively encouraged me to say if and when things weren’t working for me, or if I wasn’t prepared to try something. Ann was so approachable that as I started to lose weight I began to trust in her more and more and became more willing to push myself further to try more new things. Over the course of 9 months I lost more than 30kg and went on to be successful with my IVF treatment. More surprisingly, I never once felt I was on a ‘diet’ and missing out, because Ann constructed the plan in such a way that I never went without or felt hungry. I cannot thank Ann and the team at Concept enough for all their support, and despite my early reticence, would wholeheartedly recommend Ann for nutritional therapy prior to, and during IVF treatment”.


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