Category: Egg Donation

egg donation
January 20 2020 1:55pm

Is Egg Donation Legal in the UK?

Egg donation is a procedure where a woman with healthy eggs donates them to another woman who is undergoing fertility treatment. Supplying donor eggs is an extraordinary act, because it...

egg freezing discussion
September 1 2017 8:12am

The Great Egg Freeze – The Tipping Point for Egg Freezing?

Last month BBC Radio 4 repeated a documentary on egg freezing and the opportunities now available for women to delay conception. Sometimes heralded as fertility insurance, it is important that...

July 15 2014 8:24am

Higher Risk of Pre-Eclampsia and Other Complications Using Donor Eggs

Researchers have found that using donated eggs in fertility treatments may increase the risk of complications such as pre-eclampsia and high blood pressure. Pre-eclampsia tends to affect sufferers in the...

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