Fertility Treatments Back to Normal(?) – updated 26/5/2020

After the crisis when Covid first erupted onto the scene and fertility clinics went into lockdown, we are pleased to advise that we are up-and-running and treating patients again. It’s a little early to say what the “new normal” is, but for a while it is certainly going to include social distancing, face masks and fewer patients in the clinic at any one time. But the good news for us and our patients is that the basic fertility treatments remain unchanged and we are now back to assisting people get pregnant.

Covid-19 and Restarting Fertility Treatments – updated 14/5/2020

Further to the developments below, we are happy to advise that we have completed the requirements of HFEA General Direction 0014 and have been authorised to restart fertility treatments. We are now in the process of restarting operations at the clinic and thank all our patients for bearing with us in these difficult times. Our intention is that as many new consultations as possible will be conducted by telephone or remote conferencing. Please continue to book these in the normal way. If you then need a diagnostic test, such as an Aquascan, HyCoSy or Semen Analysis which you would normally have booked as one of our Initial Appointment Options, you will be able to have these in a second visit at the package price.

Covid-19 and Restarting Fertility Treatments – updated 1/5/2020

Good news – The HFEA have announced that fertility clinics can apply to reopen later on in May 2020.  The actual reopening date has not been confirmed at this stage.

Specifically they have written that all clinics must demonstrate that we comply with HFEA General Direction 0014  which will be issued in the week commencing 11 May. Our new documentation/processes will then have to be reviewed and approved before clinics can reopen. Here at Concept we will anticipate what the HFEA is likely to ask for and have it prepared before the 11th May so that we can minimise any delay in recommencing treatments.

You can be assured that we will reopen as soon as humanly possible. The safety of patients and clinic staff remains a priority for us and for the HFEA.

We understand that patients will have specific questions in relation to the re-opening and when individual treatment can commence and we will be contacting patients to discuss the restarting of treatment as soon as it is possible to make concrete arrangements.

Further information, including some questions and answers for patients can be found on the HFEA website at



Covid-19 and Fertility Treatment Timings – updated 30/4/2020

We remain in lockdown awaiting authorisation to recommence treatments. On the positive side, conversations are taking place between the country’s fertility clinics and the various regulatory and expert bodies about the timing and the rules for when we are allowed to reopen. In the meantime, we are offering Initial Consultations by ‘phone or skype, and the treatment planning that follows, so that when we do restart seeing patients in the clinic we will be able to proceed with treatments as soon as possible. If you would like to book a Consultation, just contact us in the normal way (by ‘phone, email or website contact form) and our patient services team will arrange this with you. Until we restart, keep well, keep fit, stay patient, and eat as healthily as possible so that you give yourself the best chance of success in your future fertility treatment.

Covid-19 and Fertility Treatment

On the 18th March 2020, the British Fertility Society (BFS) and the Association of Reproductive Clinical Scientists (ARCS) published guidance on fertility treatment during the Covid-19 epidemic. This can be read by following the link

On the 19th March 2020 the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) issued instructions based on this guidance, effectively suspending the non-essential activities of all Licensed Fertility Clinics in the UK.

Concept Fertility is therefore moving to a lockdown arrangements and will be manned only by a skeleton staff. If you have embryos or gametes in cryogenic storage, they will continue to be looked after in the appropriate manner.

We also pass our good wishes and support to the NHS staff and volunteers who are fighting this epidemic on all our behalfs. Our own Medical Director is an NHS Surgeon and will be devoting all his energies there during the epidemic, and several of our staff are also volunteering to help the NHS. We pass our particular good wishes and support to them.

Please follow the national guidelines on COVID-19, or Coronavirus, to prevent spread of the virus. These are published by Public Health England

This message will be updated as and when relevant information becomes available, and particularly with details when we are allowed to reopen. In the meantime, keep well and keep your spirits up until we are through this Covid-19 epidemic.

The team at Concept Fertility.


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