Patient Talks and Events

Concept Fertility holds regular events at the clinic. If you wish to attend one or more of them, please register by phoning, or emailing us or by completing our online contact form. In each case please ensure that you state which event it is that you wish to attend.


   Event Name   Day   Date
 Concept Fertility Open EveningWednesday 12th June 2019
 Concept Fertility Open MorningSaturday 29th June 2019
 Concept Fertility Open MorningWednesday 10th July 2019
 Concept Fertility Open EveningSaturday 20th July 2019
 Concept Fertility Open EveningWednesday 7th August 2019
 Concept Fertility Open MorningSaturday 17th August 2019
 Concept Fertility Open EveningWednesday 28th August 2019
 Concept Fertility Open EveningWednesday 18th September 2019
 Concept Fertility Open MorningSaturday 28th September 2019
 Concept Fertility Open EveningWednesday 16th October 2019
 Concept Fertility Open MorningSaturday 26th October 2019
 Concept Fertility Open EveningWednesday 6th November 2019
 Concept Fertility Open EveningSaturday 16th November 2019
 Concept Fertility Open EveningWednesday 27th November 2019
 CPD by arrangement, for Doctors only               . Wednesdays……………… call for details


There are brief details of these events below. Also, there is more information about our Independent Wellbeing Practitioners, together with links to their own websites, on our Wellbeing page:

Concept Fertility Open Mornings / Open Evenings

Held monthly, starting at 10am or 6pm these usually consist of a private mini-consultation by one of our Fertility Doctors and assistance from a fertility nurse and support staff. These are designed for patients who think or know that they need medical intervention to assist their fertility but wish to visit us before they book a consultation. Read more on our Open Morning page.

CPD Meetings

Open to GPs only, these educational meetings qualify as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events for regulatory bodies and cover a different subject each month relating to fertility or gynaecology.

Fertility Patient Support Group

This facilitated group meeting, working with Fertility Network UK, is for patients to gain support from others in a similar position to themselves. Read more on our Support Group page.