Fertility Support Groups

Due to Covid there are currently no support groups organised.

We will update this when we can.  If in treatment with us, we have in house counselling available to all patients, which some clients have found a fantastic support.  You can all us to book on 0203 388 3000.

You can also find support from some of the suggested website links below:

Fertility Network UK

Fertility Friends


What is the Concept Fertility Support Group?

The support group is a means of getting emotional support from others who are also having difficulties conceiving. It is an opportunity to share your experiences and listen to lessons learnt by others. The support group is held either in Concept Fertility’s premises or in a location arranged by Fertility Network UK’s staff but it is not intended to talk about the treatments Concept offer. The facilitator may be one of our Wellbeing associates or a patient or one of FNUK’s staff. The event is free to attend and is open to anyone who is struggling to conceive, whether they are a Concept Fertility patient or a patient of another organisation, or even if they are not having treatment anywhere but are just struggling to conceive.

When Does the Support Group Meet?

The group meets by arrangement. People may come regularly or just to the occasional meeting. You do need to register to attend as it helps our organising if you do – just ‘phone us up or fill in the contact form in our “contact us” page, saying that you wish to attend the Support Group. If we need to change the time for any reason, we will email people registered to attend to update them. If you haven’t registered, we suggest you ‘phone nearer the time to make sure there have been no changes.

What Does the Support Group not Cover?

It doesn’t have any input from Concept Fertility so it does not tell you about the services we offer. If you would like to hear an overview of what we do, we have free Open Mornings once per month presented by a doctor. Details are on this website, again please register. We also work with independent Wellbeing practitioners who specialise in nutrition, psychotherapy, acupuncture and yoga. There is a support element to all these specialities.

The support group is liked because you can see that you are talking to another human being and gain all the benefits of non-written communication. If you are not ready for this yet there are also internet forums available, some of which are very good. We would suggest Fertility Network UK or Fertility Friends.