Male Fertility Testing

frozen embryo transfers

The main fertility test for men is the semen analysis. Our embryologists perform these and check various factors including count, motility and morphology. Sperm quality can vary over time and it is sometimes useful to repeat the semen analysis. However, as sperms take 3 months to form, it is best to leave this long between tests.

Other investigations for men include blood tests. Whilst age does not affect men nearly as much as women, there are still certain hormonal conditions that can be diagnosed by blood testing and, as with women, known medical conditions can make it sensible to check certain blood test levels.

Some people ask about Sperm DNA fragmentation but we suggest that it is not often a factor and you should not worry about this unless a fertility doctor recommends it. Despite suggestions that sperm DNA fragmentation could be a marker of sperm quality and predictor of fertility treatment outcome, this has not generally been supported by the evidence so far.


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