IVF Partner to Partner Cycle DRAFT RE-WRITE

IVF / ICSI with Partner to Partner Donation Cycle Cost Guide

This cost guide is intended to assist you in budgeting for your future treatment cycle of IVF or IVF/ICSI where the eggs from one partner are fertilised and transferred to the other. (There is a different cost guide for known egg donation where the patients are not partners.)The package cycle fee is payable in full prior to the start of the cycle and any additional laboratory fees are payable if and when they arise. This is an all-inclusive price intended to let you predict the total cost of your treatment. It includes the recipient cycle as well as the donation cycle.

Our fee for a cycle of IVF with Partner to Partner donation at Concept Fertility is £6,650

(If ICSI is required, this is an additional £1,050)

These prices include all the normal “extras” that may otherwise be involved in a cycle other than your medications and the cost of any after-cycle procedures. All the items below are included in this price.

  • Nurse planning talk
  • Electronic Consents
  • Counselling session (mandatory)
  • Medical and clinical guidance and support throughout
  • All monitoring ultrasound scans throughout the cycle for each patient
  • All monitoring blood tests throughout the cycle for each patient
  • Egg collection procedure.
  • HFEA fees
  • Sedation fees
  • Embryology lab procedures
  • Embryoscope time-lapse embryology (where possible, for both patients).
  • Blastocyst culture (where possible).
  • A fresh or a frozen embryo transfer
  • QHCG blood test 2 weeks after embryo transfer
  • Follow-up consultation or 6-week pregnancy scan

Medications (additional cost)

We are happy to give you a detailed cost breakdown when your prescription is decided but a guide at this stage would be to allow between £500 and £1,450 per cycle. This is normally charged directly by the pharmacy, which delivers the medications to your home.


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