Professor Helen Mason

Helen Mason

Professor Mason has spent a lifetime studying all aspects of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Her career took her from the Queen Elizabeth Medical School in Birmingham, to St. Mary’s Paddington, Imperial College London, where she gained her PhD, and finally to St. George’s Hospital Medical School in South London, where she was awarded the title of Professor of Reproductive Endocrinology.

Professor Mason has published many scientific papers and book chapters and is Internationally known as one of the top specialists in this area. She was appointed Scientific Advisor to Verity, the UK PCOS charity supporting women. She was also a member of PCOS-UK, the nationwide organisation established to educate all healthcare professionals working with women with the syndrome. She is also a member of The Peacocks, the International Forum at which the top world-wide experts share and debate the very latest PCOS research findings. Many members of this group have been instrumental in developing the new International Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Treatment of PCOS released in September 2023. She has been invited to share her knowledge on TV and Radio and in newspapers, magazines and at many meetings of women with this syndrome.

Professor Helen is working with us at Concept to elevate our expertise in offering the best service to our many PCOS patients and to support you to minimise your symptoms, improve your fertility and look forward to better health in the future.

You can book a meeting with her after having an Initial Consultation with one of our fertility consultants.


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