Fertility Treatment is Constantly Evolving

June 25 2013 1:31pm

baby from new fertility treatment

As with all areas of medical science, Fertility Treatment is constantly evolving to produce safer and more effective procedures for individuals and couples wishing to experience the miracle of childbirth. The new Kisspeptin hormone treatment is one such step forward for patients seeking Natural Cycle IVF or those who do not require the larger number of eggs produced in standard IVF treatments.

Scientists believe that a new form of hormone treatment which involves administering the naturally occurring hormone kisspeptin to stimulate egg production will help continuing efforts to make the already safe procedure of Fertility Treatment even safer. This particular form of Fertility Treatment resulted in the birth of a baby boy (the first child to be born as a direct result of using this treatment) weighing 7.15lbs after his mother took part in a trial carried out by Hammersmith Hospital and Imperial College.

When used in Fertility Treatment the hormone kisspeptin has been found to stimulate the ovaries and maturing eggs as effectively as the normal, widely used Fertility Treatment medication. Although modern Fertility Treatment is a very safe procedure is can, in only 5% of patients produce the condition known as ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome (OHSS); 5% of patients can get a moderate form of this condition and 1% of patients get a higher level of OHSS.

It is thought that the development of this new Fertility Treatment procedure could eradicate the possibility of patients suffering from OHSS altogether.

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