Fertility Treatment: Embryonic-Like Stem Cells

July 30 2013 1:52pm

Stem Cell Fertility Treatment

Current plans to launch a clinical trial intended to test the regenerative potential of very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs) which could potentially have Fertility Treatment benefits have been called into question by new research.

For quite some time many scientists have reported that VSELs, which can allegedly be isolated from blood or bone marrow, could be a viable alternative to Mouse and Human embryonic stem cells in the fields of research and medicine. A recent study that appeared on 24th July 2013 in the ISSCR`s journal Stem Cell Reports has provided very strong evidence against the existence of such cells which are claimed to be able to “turn into different cell types.”

Fertility Treatment is not the only area of modern medicine that could potentially benefit from this type of breakthrough. In 2006 the first reports of the presence of VSELs in mice were made and subsequently further tests have indicated that these cells also exist in human blood and bone marrow and could turn into specialized cells such as lung cells; the existence and availability of cells such as this could prove to be incredibly helpful in replacing damaged tissue. Further research is planned which will, once approved, involve the world’s first in-man test to determine whether VSELs can successfully be used to regenerate bone.

Following the extremely persuasive conflicting data from various sources Irving Weissman of Stanford University School of Medicine made the most rigorous attempts to replicate the original positive findings to prove the existence of VSELs but, unfortunately, failed.

Although the disproval of this particular form of medical application will be a blow to many areas of scientific research there are many other avenues that can, will and in some cases are being explored which could be extremely beneficial for Fertility Treatment and other very important medical applications.


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