5 Top Tips to Improve Your Sperm Quality

October 9 2018 11:39am

healthy diet

Male infertility refers to any health issue in a man that reduces the chances of his female partner from becoming pregnant. Infertility can have a number of causes; it can depend on general health, genetics, diet and fitness, to name but a few. Although it is not always treatable, there are ways to boost a man’s sperm count and increase his fertility.

1.     Consume Vitamins and Minerals

Research has suggested that Vitamin C may improve semen quality and Vitamin D may boost testosterone levels. At Concept Fertility, we highly recommend a healthy diet for both men and women who are trying to conceive, as it’s rich in nutrients and antioxidants. It might also be worth taking vitamin supplements.

2.     Cut Out Alcohol

Alcohol is full of toxins and if you drink a lot, you could be damaging your semen quality and reducing your testosterone levels. It’s very important to at least cut down on your alcohol intake, if not cut it out completely, whilst trying to conceive.

3.     Reduce Stress Levels

Lengthy periods of stress will raise cortisol levels, which has a serious impact on testosterone; when cortisol goes up, testosterone goes down. With that in mind, it’s important to manage your stress, which could be as easy as taking or walk or having down time with your friends.

4.     Reach a Healthy Weight

Obesity can often lead to infertility. If you’re trying for a baby, it is wise for both partners to reach a healthy weight and improve your chances of pregnancy.

5.     Get Enough Sleep

Are you getting an adequate amount of sleep every night? Both limited and excessive amounts of sleep can lead to poor semen quality, so make sure you’re not staying up too late or overindulging in lie-ins.

The bottom line is if you are struggling to conceive a child, it is worth assessing your overall physical and mental health and making improvements where you can. If you would like to talk to a professional about your fertility, it is worth booking a consultation with Concept Fertility and we will be able to give you appropriate advice and suggest some next steps.


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