Can Birth Control Pills Affect My Fertility?

December 24 2018 10:12am

birth control pills

Birth control pills are designed to imitate hormones produced in the female body, to prevent ovulation and ensure the uterine lining is inhospitable for an embryo. What’s more, birth control pills also affect the production of cervical mucus, making it too hostile environment for the sperm to swim and fertilise an egg.

Although many hormonal contraceptive options have associated risks, taking the pill should have no negative impact on your fertility once you’ve stopped taking it. In fact, research has found that a woman who has taken the pill in the past is just as likely to conceive a child as a woman who has never used any form of hormonal contraception at all.

Whether taking the pill for one year or five, many women’s menstrual cycles return to normal within one to two months after stopping. However, just because ovulation has returned to normal in such a short time, doesn’t mean the cervical mucus has, so don’t panic if you don’t get pregnant straight away. If you have been trying for a while and you’re starting to feel concerned, it’s worth contacting a fertility expert.

Please bear in mind that depending on how long you have been taking the pill, your fertility may have changed with age. Furthermore, years of birth control may have also masked issues that you would otherwise have noticed, such as irregularities with your menstrual cycle.

If you’re struggling to conceive a child after stopping birth control, it’s important not to blame yourself, as it’s highly unlikely to be the result of your contraceptive choices. At Concept Fertility, we can help you to try and find the answers to your infertility in an intimate and confidential environment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and our friendly staff will be happy to help.


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