Am I Eligible for Private IVF Treatment?

June 24 2019 11:47am


If you are considering private IVF treatment, but you are not sure if you are eligible, here are some easy to read guidelines to help…

Who is eligible?

All patients, irrespective of whether they meet the NHS criteria for IVF treatment, can be seen by a private fertility clinic. However, as a general rule, it is recommended that you seek the advice of fertility specialists if:

  1. You are under the age of thirty-five and have been having regular unprotected sex for twelve months without a pregnancy.
  2. You are over thirty-five and have been trying to conceive for six months.
  3. You are over forty and have been trying to conceive for three months.

Have you seen your GP?

If you are having trouble conceiving then your first step should always be a visit to your GP. They will investigate your medical history and may also perform a physical examination. Before your GP makes a referral to a fertility specialist, they may first recommend some lifestyle changes to help improve your chances of falling pregnant.

What tests will you need?

Fertility specialists will ask about your fertility history, and may carry out physical examinations, as well as blood tests.

Women may undergo tests to check the levels of hormones in their blood and how well their ovaries are working using an ultrasound scan or to check their fallopian tubes are clear using a HyCoSy or HSG.

For females it is important to provide information about your menstrual cycle, such as how long it lasts, how regular it is, and when your next period is due. It is also important that your cervical screening tests are up-to-date.

Men may be asked to provide a sperm sample for semen analysis and they may also require a scan to look for any internal issues in the reproductive system.

Patients often ask us at Concept Fertility to do these male and female tests for them to take back to their GPs, and we are happy to help. These patients are happy to pay for these tests privately and have them performed right away, rather than wait on the NHS waiting lists.

Once all of the above information is collated, a fertility specialist will then be fully equipped to discuss your most suitable form of treatment. They will also talk to you about any support or guidance you may find helpful.


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