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How to Prepare Your Body for Egg Freezing

May 20, 2022 9:19 am

Egg freezing is a procedure that’s considered by many women for a multitude of reasons. Some opt to have their eggs cryopreserved for the best chances of conceiving when the time is right, whilst others do so as a precautionary measure when undergoing invasive treatments like chemotherapy.

Essentially, this procedure enables the female body to produce a number of eggs at once as opposed to just the single egg that is matured and released during a cycle. These eggs are then collected and frozen, and then used for IVF when the patient is ready. There are a number of things that you can do improve the likelihood of producing higher quality eggs and have the best chances of conceiving.

Make Lifestyle Changes
While there’s no way of reversing any damage done to your eggs, further damage can be prevented by sticking to a good diet which protects and promotes good egg quality. For this, you want to increase your consumption of omega-3 rich fish, whole foods and fruit and vegetables. You should also reduce your alcohol consumption, quit smoking, and avoid foods that lead to inflammation.

External Factors
The air is another one that can affect egg quality. It’s no surprise that fumes and emissions from vehicles aren’t great for your health but what you may not have known is that they can affect egg quality and ovarian reserve. While it may be hard to get around this if you live in an urban environment, avoiding high traffic areas where possible may help.

Mental Health
Aside from the physical aspects, it’s important that you are mentally ready for the procedure. As hormones are affected, there are chances that it can alter your mood. You should try to prepare yourself for this by being mindful and trying to limit stress by putting measures in place. For instance, you could try meditation or counselling.

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