Tools for Couples to get Pregnant

October 6 2022 10:49am

ovulation test

While we would not recommend using tools as a form of self-diagnosis and will always advise you to visit your GP or fertility specialist to assess your needs, there are a number of tools available to aid conception.

A lot of these tools primarily test you or your expecting partner to find the best times each month to conceive. There is only a small window each month where you or your partner are at their most fertile, so it may be worth your time exploring these tools so that you are better prepared.

Here are a number of tools and apps you can try to aid your pregnancy.

Ovulation apps

You may have seen the apps that track periods, there are also apps that can help to pinpoint when you are ovulating. This will help you determine when the best time to try and conceive is in the hope that you will fall pregnant.

It’s worth noting that these apps may not be wholly accurate. Use your judgement wisely when using these kinds of apps. We also have our own ovulation calculator to help you work out when you are ovulating within the month.

Ovulation Test Kits

A number of popular pregnancy test providers now have ovulation test kits available to buy. These essentially detect when there is a surge in the luteinising hormone (LH), which indicates when you are most fertile within the month.

Using these kits will help you determine when the best time to try and conceive might be, but again, you shouldn’t rely on these completely. While they may claim that they can almost pinpoint accuracy it’s wise to take these tests with a pinch of salt and work within a range of days to maximise when you could conceive.

Thermometers and other temperature tracking devices

For many women, body temperature tends to change when you’re pregnant, or ovulating. This is why a number of people may suggest you try out a temperature tracking device – these tend to be bracelets placed on your upper arm or wrist that check the temperature of your body as you sleep. It can also be synced to pregnancy apps which will help you track the exact times of the month that are best for you.

Don’t dismiss fertility clinics

You can, of course, find a lot of help and services that fertility specialists will recommend. This can put you at ease when it comes to deciding what is best for your situation, and they are trained to know exactly what to look out for before and during pregnancy.

Fertility clinics will be able to answer any queries you may have about trying to get pregnant and it’s unlikely that you will be the first person to ask about the best tracking tools. However, at times, our bodies can be fickle things, so it’s wise to listen to the experts when finding the best ways to manage your pregnancy journey, as everyone is different.


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