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Heather lost a staggering 30kgs with our nutritionist and is now pregnant

January 14, 2022 2:58 pm

Heather is a current patient who is now 23 weeks pregnant after having fertility treatment with our amazing team at Concept. She has worked so very hard to prepare her body for her pregnancy and lost a staggering 30kgs by working with a programme designed specifically for her by our in house Nutritionist Ann. “I have been overweight for most of my adult life and along the way worked with numerous dietitians and nutritionists without success despite being committed to weight loss, or so I thought. In all honesty I had given up any hope, and accepted myself for who I am in terms of my size and weight. I was so disheartened when Dr Ojha referred me to Ann,... View Article

Case Study: Mary’s Story

June 1, 2020 12:47 pm

Mary is a lovely lady in her late 30s who tried to conceive naturally for years without success. After 4 failed cycle of IVF elsewhere she decided to move her embryos to our clinic. “Me and my husband got married in 2005. We tried to conceive naturally for years and had a few miscarriages as a result. I also had fibroids so I had them removed with surgery but it didn’t work. We decided that we needed help, so we went to a well-known fertility clinic and we started IVF. We chose their three cycle package to give us better chance but I never got pregnant. Then we went for another round of IVF at another clinic, but the result... View Article

Case Study: Katherine & Ashley’s story

February 21, 2020 5:44 pm

Katherine and Ashley are a lovely young couple who came to Concept Fertility after trying naturally for one year. We loved being part of their journey helping them having this lovely bundle of joy.   When we got married we started to try to conceive naturally. After trying for nearly a year we decided that we didn’t want to wait any longer. We went to our GP as we were hoping for treatment with the NHS but because of my young age, I was 27, they were not really being forthcoming. We saw Concept Fertility’s advert in a local magazine and we decided to book a slot for one of their Open Events . It was kind of love at... View Article

Case Study: Hana’s Story

November 18, 2019 10:30 am

It’s fantastic to know that we have been able to truly help someone and make a difference in their life. That was the case for Hana, a single woman in her late 30s, who came to us in March 2018 after we were recommended to her by one of her friends. As a result, Hana now has a beautiful baby boy! Read on for Hana’s full story. “I decided that I wanted a baby in January 2012. I know exactly when it was.  I’d been working at a new job for about 6 months and had decided I wasn’t enjoying it so I had a real moment. It was the first Friday at work after Christmas and I decided to... View Article