Quit Smoking to Increase Fertility and the Health of Your Child

March 13 2013 5:29pm

The UK`s annual national no smoking day brings with it thoughts and promises of health, financial savings and a better environment for those around the people who choose to give up. One benefit that is often overlooked when considering giving up smoking is the increase for both men and women regarding fertility.

If you and your partner smoke and are trying to conceive with or without the help of private fertility clinics you are already at a disadvantage compared to those who have never smoked or have given up. If you are utilizing the services of private fertility clinics the experienced staff there will have already informed you of the importance of quitting smoking but, if you are still unsure of the benefits take a look at the results below of a recent independent survey into this very popular subject…

  • Over 38% of women are quitting due to the fact that long-term smoking will damage their skin and will cause premature ageing.
  • More than 50% of men believe that quitting smoking will help to either reverse or prevent ageing.
  • Worryingly 25% of men have given up after having being diagnosed with some form of erectile dysfunction.
  • Interestingly 10% of men and 45% of women say they want to quit because they are looking to conceive.

Private fertility clinics are well aware of the negative effects of smoking on the fertility of both genders and will strongly advise both partners to quit well before they even consider conception. This will not only help in the conception process but will greatly benefit the health and development of the child whilst in the womb and once born.

Over 7000 chemicals coarse throughout your body and organs every time you smoke leading to many sometimes fatal problems and the previously mentioned infertility issues including…

  • Ovulation problems.
  • Genetic issues.
  • Damage to your reproductive organs.
  • Damage to your eggs or premature menopause.
  • Increased risk of cancer and increased risk of miscarriage.

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