Beneficial Nutrients for Fertility & Conception

April 24 2013 8:33am

When attending one of our fertility clinics in London, you will be given expert help and advice on pregnancy and health issues that are specifically tailored to suit both you and your partners` circumstances and lifestyle.

The expert staff at our fertility clinics in London will provide both you and your partner with the very highest quality of service to aid your conception however there are some dietary practices that couples can follow prior to and during our fertility treatments to better prepare the body for this process.

Beneficial Vitamins and Nutrients for Fertility Include

L-Arginine & L- Carnitine– These are two amino acids that are specifically required for the normal production of healthy sperm. These acids promote normal functioning, increased quantity and motility of sperm.

Selenium – This can be found in Brazil nuts, sesame seeds, tuna, cabbage and whole grains. Selenium has anti-oxidant qualities that help to prevent chromosomal damage, help maximise sperm formation and testosterone production.

Zinc –This can be found in meat, fish, oysters, nuts, eggs and leafy greens and is a vital component of genetic material. A lack of Zinc in the body is directly related to reduced fertility and an increased risk of miscarriage.

Fatty Acids – such as omega 3(fish oils) and omega 6 (seeds & oils) play a very important role in healthy sperm production and, amongst other important things, hormone functioning, reproductive and immune health.

B complex–B vitamins aid in the creation and development of new blood cells, brain development, cell division and the nervous system for a growing baby. The B vitamins can be found in many nuts, seeds and whole grains as well as yeast extract.

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