Time Lapse Imaging Aids Fertility Treatment

May 20 2013 8:38am

ultrasound after fertility treatment

Fertility Treatment has been steadily developing ever since the very first baby was born in England during July of 1978. Press coverage citing a recent IVF breakthrough means that Fertility Treatment could bring significantly more hope to the chances of pregnancy for infertile couples across the globe.

The new Fertility Treatment technology records a series of high definition images of embryos at regular intervals before they are implanted into the womb (Time Lapse Imaging) enabling fertility experts to successfully identify which embryos have a high risk of the abnormal chromosomes (aneuploidy) that create a much lower chance of implantation resulting in a healthy live birth. It may be a useful tool for embryo selection in very specific cases, for example where there is a surplus of blastocysts with good morphology, some of which would be discarded.

Preliminary studies and forecasts suggest that this new tool in Fertility Treatment science could potentially increase the overall success rate for IVF treatment by  a significant percentage. Nevertheless, at this point in time this suggestion is based only on a valid hypothesis (more information, less physical disturbance), huge enthusiasm and a wealth of observational data. The gold-standard confirmation of randomised trials is still required before prime time acceptance. Several trials are now in progress around the world and the era of morphokinetics is already upon us.

In a recent example of the observational data in the UK, scientists conducting the Fertility Treatment research used the time lapse imaging for embryos in 69 couples undergoing IVF treatment in an attempt to identify whether this new technique would aid in the detection of healthy embryos that were more likely to result in a successful pregnancy and birth once implanted.

The research showed a 61% success rate for a healthy live birth – compared with the 39% success rate for all other embryos of any risk level. For the appropriate patients, it has to be said that this promises the possibility of a significant step forward.

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