How to Cope with Secondary Infertility

September 17 2018 11:29am

The inability for a couple to conceive a child, despite already having had at least one baby in the past, either together or with a previous partner, is called secondary infertility. This shares many of the same causes as primary infertility and can result in an equal amount of emotional turmoil.  It can come as a shock to couples who had no problems conceiving in the past to then experience secondary infertility, but it’s not uncommon. We’d like to offer some advice to help those who are struggling with secondary infertility.

Accept Your Emotions

Frustration, depression, shame and even guilt are common among parents struggling to grow their family, amongst a variety of other difficult emotions. It’s important not to suffer in silence because your feelings will fester. Instead, accept that the way you’re feeling is perfectly normal and confide in a close friend or family member to lighten your load. You could even speak to a mental health professional for some specialist support.

Don’t Make Intimacy a Chore

When trying to conceive, sex can start to feel like a chore with an end goal, rather than something you enjoy. You might start to schedule time for intimacy based on ovulation, losing the thrill and spontaneity you once shared. It’s not always as simple as lighting some candles, but it’s important to keep a sensual connection alive with your partner.

Seek Fertility Treatment

If you feel you have waited long enough to conceive another child, it might be time to seek treatment. Asking for help is a big step towards coping and you should never feel embarrassed or nervous to share your concerns with a professional.

At Concept Fertility, you will undergo an initial consultation in which our specialists will evaluate your situation and medical history and then discuss the best way to proceed. There are a variety of fertility treatments available, some more simple and more affordable than others.


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