How are we protecting our patients during COVID-19?

October 26 2020 10:10pm

Covid safe fertility clinic in London

In this uncertain time, we want to ensure that your fertility journey is as safe and as stress-free as possible. To provide the highest level of safety for both our clients and our staff members we have put in place strict infection-control measures throughout our clinic, we encourage social distancing, and we have the appropriate personal protective equipment.

In our popular Open Events, we used to invite you to meet the Doctor in person for a mini consultation and give you a tour of our clinic. However, as we are currently unable to hold these events we are now offering free one to one telephone consultations with an experienced team member. They will be able to discuss in detail the services we offer and how they would apply to your particular situation. They will also be able to guide you on the next steps towards investigation and possible treatment.

When you decide to proceed with treatment, the first formal step is an Initial Consultation with a Doctor. These now take place by video or telephone so that you do not need to come to the clinic. These are usually followed by diagnostic tests at the clinic; such as ultrasound scans, blood tests and semen analyses, all of which will be decided by you and the doctor at your consultation.

For existing patients who wish to start treatment or for new patients attending the clinic for diagnostic investigations, we must ask you to please adhere to the following Covid-19 safety rules:

  • Complete our COVID-19 Screening process prior to treatment. You will be sent a Covid questionnaire to complete and we will ask you if you have any Covid symptoms. On arrival, we will ask that you thoroughly wash your hands.
  • We also ask that you wear a face covering at all times when you are in the clinic. A mask will be provided if you forget to bring one along.
  • Please arrive on time for your appointment. If you are early, please wait outside the building until your appointment time. If you are late, please call the clinic to check when it is safe to enter the building.
  • We kindly ask you to come alone to your appointment. Any accompanying person/s must remain outside the clinic unless you have prior consent from a member of staff. We understand that this policy can be upsetting for couples and family members; however it remains necessary at this time. – Anyone who is attending the appointment with you will also need to complete our COVID-19 screening process.
  • If you develop any Covid-19 symptoms prior to your appointment, you must not attend. Please contact us to cancel your appointment and we will make alternative arrangements.

Summer Offer

A FREE Full Consultation (normally £180) with a Fertility Doctor when you book a diagnostic scan.

The consultation will take place immediately after your scan. It will explain your scan results, review your medical history, discuss your fertility plans, and agree a personalised plan of action if you want one.

Details of our scans can be found by following this link

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