Fertility Week 2020

October 30 2020 12:00pm

fertility week 2020

From Monday 2nd November to Thursday 5th November 2020 Fertility Week promotes conversations and awareness about factors that affect fertility.

Fertility Awareness Week is organised by Fertility Network UK, a national charity, who is there to support anyone who has ever experienced fertility problems.

The main message of their 2020 campaign is #YouAreNotAlone, which is incredibly important as infertility issues are faced by 1 in 6 couples in the UK.  Each day during Fertility Week they will focus on a new topic. From mental health to fertility in the workplace, they hope to highlight the many issues surrounding fertility.

Read on to find out more information on what the week will cover:

Monday 2nd November #FertilityInequalities

On the first day of this awareness week they will be discussing fair access to fertility treatment for all; regardless of where you live, your race or your sexuality. Show your support or join in with the social media conversations using the hashtag #FertilityInequalities

Tuesday 3rd November #MentalHealthMatters

This day is about raising awareness of mental health and will offer support and advice for fertility patients. With this year’s pandemic, many clinics have faced closures and reduced services, which has caused stress and complications for many patients. This makes #MentalHealthMatters day more important than ever.

Wednesday 4th November #MenMatter

During #MenMatter day, men will be encouraged to share their fertility journeys. Fertility Network UK will be sharing testimonials from their male community and experts in the field. They will also highlight the need for more tailored support and advice for men, and publicise their new initiatives.

Thursday 5th November #FertilityEducation #FertilityInTheWorkplace

On Fertility Education day they will be looking at why our society needs to be more informed and educated about fertility. They will be asking why young people are still not aware of the lifestyle factors that could affect their fertility in the future. They will also be raising awareness of fertility in the workplace and encouraging employers to provide support.


Why don’t you get involved during Fertility Week and post a message of support on your social media channels, using the hashtag #YouAreNotAlone. Sharing your voice of support can really help someone facing fertility challenges.


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