Disability Day 2020 – Advice and Resources for Disabled Parents

November 30 2020 10:46am

disabled parent

To mark Disability Awareness Day on the 3rd of December, we have put together this helpful advice and list of useful resources…

If you have a disability and are planning to become a parent, you might be worried about what the future holds. Will you be able to become a parent? What risks are involved? What support will you receive if you need to modify your home or invest in additional equipment to care for a baby?

Some disabilities can increase certain risks to your health and the health of your baby, so it is crucial to seek the right information and the right maternity services to support your medical condition or disability. Of course, our doctors will be able to answer all of your questions about getting pregnant and you can also discuss any concerns you may have with your GP.

As well as the support your doctor can provide, you might find it helpful to talk to other disabled parents to get tips and advice. Look for local or online support groups to help you to connect with other disabled parents.

When you are considering parenthood, you may have lots of questions and concerns regarding benefits, living costs or disability rights. Fortunately there is a lot of support and helpful resources available online.

See below a list of useful online resources for disabled parents:

For an A to Z of Information, support and practical solutions for disabled parents visit the disabled parents support page at Babycentre

Practical information and peer support for disabled parents visit Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood

For information of living, benefits, education, employment, transport, human rights and other issues visit: Disability Rights UK

Deaf Parenting UK offers resources of information for Deaf parents and professionals working with Deaf parents.

Disability Law Service – DLS prides itself on providing a quality service in areas of public and social welfare law for disabled people.

CHANGE – A human rights organisation, led by disabled people, working to build an inclusive society where people with learning disabilities are treated equally.

RNIB – Resources for blind or partially sighted parents


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